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Body Power Advanced is the fitness instrument that allows you to exercise your whole body irrespectively of your fitness level.

Due to its design and its innovative structure, using Body Power you achieve fat burning, increase of muscle mass, better flexibility.

It is very easy to carry and allows you to exercise whenever and wherever you wish.

Effective and very easy to use!


Olympic gold medallist (2016), 4 times World Champion, 4 times European Champion in rings, artistic gymnastics

Body Power Advanced is an instrument that allows the simultaneous training of all the muscles of the body using our weight, increasing the receptivity and muscle strength.

It is the best process for the development of functional training, as it is a versatile exercise in a safe way, giving us the opportunity to develop any kind of exercise everywhere, as it is easy to use and easy to carry.

It is an instrument that I have included in my daily training inside and outside the gym.


Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports physician MD, MSc, PhD, FACS, Diploma in International Sports Medicine, International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Body Power is a simple but smart device that allows free movement on any surface.

With various combinations of the handles and the support of the trunk, it can be an excellent instrument of functional training and especially of the admittedly difficult strengthening of the trunk (core stability).

Under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist, many exercises such as kinesiotherapy, neuromuscular adjustment, balance and receptivity as well as muscle strengthening can be performed.

It is essentially a new system of exercise and recovery that I believe will be the subject of many new applications and scientific research in the near future.



Body Power is a cleverly designed exercise instrument, simple and easy to use, offering a variety of choices for advanced rehabilitation programs.

In physiotherapy a great deal is placed on proper muscle strengthening after the initial inflammation and the symptoms have subsided. Improving range of motion, proprioception and core stability is internal part of a structured rehabilitation program and Body Power allows for incorporating all these in a progressive strengthening program under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist.

Bodypower provides the rehabilitation and fitness professional with an instrument that allows for holistic body engagement with safety according to the functional level of the patient or injured athlete. It can be used to accelerate recovery of elite athletes as well as a rehabilitation instrument for lesser demand patients such as neurologically compromised or recuperating after prolonged disease or surgery, elderly trauma patients and for those after a joint arthroplasty procedure.


Certified Personal Trainer, TRX, Pilates, Functional, Box France Savate Trainer, Greek Champion 2008

Body Power Advance is an easy to use exercise tool which trains all the muscle groups of the body.

It can be easily used by everyone. From the novice trainee all the way up to the advanced athlete.

It a is perfect instrument for improving flexibility, balance and strength while simultaneously strengthening the code!


Certified Pilates Instructor

Body Power Advanced offers a safe, versatile and excellent simultaneous workout for all muscles, no matter what your level of fitness is.

The results are spectacular, as it simultaneously improves flexibility and increases muscle mass.